Wee summary!

Hello everyone! What’s the crack? That’s Northern-Irish slang for ‘what’s up?’. It’s only one of the many things I’ve learnt here in the last couple of weeks. You’re probably also wondering what ‘wee’ means. Well, I couldn’t figure it out at first, because everyone kept saying the damn word! In front of EVERYTHING! So Lisa asked one of our teachers and apparantly it means ‘small’. A wee summary – a small summary. So, here’s a short (haha kidding, my blogposts are never short) recap of the last weeks (and oh gosh, I’ve been in Belfast for a whole month already… times flies…) 

SU Formal – party time!

On the 4th of February, Stranmillis was a very busy place. People were running around in the houses like crazy, shouting thinks like ‘Do you have a straightener?’ or ‘Oh my god! Can I borrow your nailpolish? Mine’s lost!’
*sigh* Okay, so, I was one of them. I’ll admit that I was a little bit nervous about this Formal party. What to expect? I mean, I’d never been to such an event, so it was all new and scary. Nevertheless, I was super excited and at 3pm I started with the preparations. I wasn’t the only one, some girls already started preparing in the morning.

Then, at 7pm, we all left and went to Wellington Park Hotel, where a wonderful evening was awaiting us. A few of us went on foot, so we arrived at the hotel wearing sneakers. We hid behind a bunch of cars to change into our high heels and went inside afterwards as if nothing happened. It was very funny 😀

First of all, the student’s President, aka Adam Adam, welcomed us when we walked into the hotel. We climbed up some stairs and received a glass (or two) of champagne. Hm, delicious.
There was a professional photographer at the hotel, so the next thing we did was of course… taking a beautiful picture.

8pm… time for dinner! Here are some pictures of the great evening:

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After dinner, we went to the club ‘Bot’, it was right beside the hotel, so we didn’t have to walk very far. I changed into my sneakers again anyway, because my feet were killing me!
We had a fun night and we danced a lot in Bot. I think I made it to my bed at 3am or something 🙂

Chinese New Year!

On the 7th of February, Helen and Cheryl (our Chinese friends) threw a Chinese New Year party. New Year is very important for Chinese people, they care about it even more than Christmas! I never knew…

It was lovely, they made a lot of dumplings (typical Chinese dumplings of course) and they decorated the entire room in Cybertub. After the food, Cheryl wrote New Year’s wishes on paper with ink (in real Chinese!!) It was zo cool. Here is a picture of my Chinese name:


… as the smart ship grew in stature, grace and hue… shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too – Thomas Hardy 

Of course Hardy was talking about Titanic in his quote (a beautiful, but morbid one that is). As I took a picture of it, I felt a shiver running down my spine – the thought of a ship that great, majestic and fierce sinking by the touch of an iceberg… wow. Insane.

The Titanic Museum was lovely, impressive and most of all: breathtaking. I took a lot of pictures with my camera, but I currently can’t put them on my laptop, so here are the ones I took with my cell. Enjoy!

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Lived once, buried twice…

On Wednesday the 10th of February one of our teachers, Mr. Phoenix, invited us (the Erasmussers) for a tour in Belfast Graveyard. It sounds a bit morbid, I know, but it was so cool! There hasn’t been buried anyone since 2010… if I’m not mistaking, and there is only one woman in Belfast who can still be buried there. She will be the last one.
Belfast Graveyard carries an unbelievable history, but what I remember most of the tour, is the legend of Margorie McCall. She was ‘buried twice’, although she only ‘lived once’… If you want to know what that is all about, check this website (you won’t regret it!): http://www.cultofweird.com/death/margorie-mccall-buried-twice/ 


Do you like burritos? Tacos? Fajita’s? Okay, just forget every burrito or taco you’ve ever eaten and listen to me. Boojum is a nice, cosy place where you can eat all of that… cheap… and so so so so good. I’ve never had a better (or bigger for that matter) burrito in my life! You can just tell them what you would like to have in your burrito or taco or fajita’s or whatever and they’d do the job for ya. Here are the pictures:

I mean… look at this! *heaven*
What a cosy place!
Love them people 🙂 

Lions, monkeys (and a lot of rain) equals Belfast Zoo! 

Yes, I know, they have Zoos everywhere, but we were a little bit bored today (the 16th of February), so we (and we is Jozefien, Lisa, Helen, Karis and I) decided to go to Belfast Zoo. Oh my God. What the hell was up with the weather today? It was raining continuously, not even for one minute did it stop. It was horrible, I even had to throw away my umbrella 😦 (that was because of the heavy wind, something that’s pretty inevitable here in Belfast, there’s always wind. ALWAYS!)

However, we still made the best out of it, and we saw a lot of nice animals. I’m just gonna drop the pictures below with some descriptions! Enjoy 😀

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Well, that was it, I guess. Oh, yeah, you’re probably wondering why I never talk about school… I do have classes haha, there is just not much to talk about. Although I have a favourite lecture, and it’s about Children’s Literacy. It is so cool and interesting. Last week we learnt about Fantasy stories in class and this week the lecture was about poetry. I enjoyed it, but there isn’t really much more to tell about.


So, I’m gonna leave it at this! I hope you liked this update.

See you soon 😀


Hugs and kisses





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My name is Eva Gijsen. I'm 20 years old and I'm studying to become an English and Dutch teacher. In January I'm going to Belfast to complete my studies. You can follow my adventures right here!

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