Teaching practice, more mountains and a walk at the beach!

Hi everyone

Here I am again! Welcome to part two of the big catching up blogpost about my last couple of months in Northern Ireland. So… here we go 😀

Blythefield Primary School 

On the 11th of April my teaching practice in Belfast officially took off. I was quite anxious and insecure, because I’m training to become a secondary school teacher, yet I would be helping out in a primary school. My first day started awfully. It was raining pretty heavily and while I got soaked on my walk (40 minutes, mind you well) to school, I kept thinking: “How am I going to survive this for a month?” It turned out all of my fear was actually for nothing. I had an amazing time!
My class was P5 and P6 and my teacher, who’s called Mrs Jones, was just super friendly and helpful. I mostly went to sit with one of the pupils who had a difficult time understanding everything, so I tried to be her assistant for the four weeks. She made improvement, frankly enough, and I couldn’t feel happier about that.
I was sad to leave the little pets, but also relieved – back to a little bit more freedom!
Here’s a nice picture of my pupils and I:


Now, to prove that my teacher and pupils are the best, here is a picture of the birthday cake they got me: FB_IMG_1461766884219


And a thank you and far well gift from my teacher:


I will truly miss Blythefield 😦


The Mourne Mountains 

Lucy and Adam organised a trip to the Mourne Mountains in the middle of teaching practice so that we could all take a little break from work. Adam drove us their with the famous Stranmillis minibus. It was, all in all, an exhausting day. I think my legs are still sore, although the hike was two weeks ago.

: parts of the Mourne Mountains are being used as the filmset for Game of Thrones (yes, GoT-fans, it is allowed to be jealous of me as I would be too 😉 )

We climbed the highest mountain in Northern Ireland and I feel proud to have done it. I would tell you about the way down to the bottom, but I’m afraid I’m a bit embarrassed to inform you about it. Key-words: falling, slipping, “Darn it, am I afraid of heights? I forgot”, fear, “Can I just stay up here, please?” and a lot of helping hands to get me back down. So yeah, that sums it up pretty much, yeah 😉
Here is a wee collection of the pictures I made:

“Let’s go to the beach, beach!” 

Because of elections, my school was closed on the 5th of May and of course I took advantage of that. Together with Karolina, Anja, Alexander and Cheryl, I went to Portrush Beach and Londonderry. It was a great day with a lot of sunshine and happy faces. We first had to walk to Botanic train station to catch the train to Portrush. Once we arrived at the beach, we decided to take a walk along the water and I even collected some shells:


After we had lunch with a great view over the water, we took the train to Londonderry. Unfortunately we didn’t get much to see in the beautiful, historical city, because of a lack of time (and the fear of missing the last bus back to Belfast haha). We did see the wall that was built around the city during The Troubles and we also got a view over some murals.
The bad news… I couldn’t take any pictures of the murals because my phone died and I forgot my camera… So, I’m sorry, you’ll have to do with the pictures I took before my phone decided to give up on me 😦

Deze slideshow heeft JavaScript nodig.

“Let’s go sit in the sun and get a tan!” “Are you crazy? This is Northern Ireland, you can’t get a tan in NI!” 

But well, the last couple of days the weather has been splendid! So yesterday, 9th of May, we had an Erasmus picnic! It was lovely outside, so we decided to just stay in the sun the whole day! It was a good day. Today, however, we’re back to gray, wet weather. Oh well, told you, this is Northern Ireland 😉

I hope youse enjoyed part 2 of the big blog post and I promise (for real this time) that I will update very soon! So stay tuned for my last month (cry, cry) in lovely Belfast!


Hugs and kisses 😀




Auteur: evagijsen

My name is Eva Gijsen. I'm 20 years old and I'm studying to become an English and Dutch teacher. In January I'm going to Belfast to complete my studies. You can follow my adventures right here!

One thought on “Teaching practice, more mountains and a walk at the beach!”

  1. Wat leuk om weer eens nieuws van je te horen. Het zit er bijna op voor je.Wij zijn ook eens door Schotland getoerd met de auto. Een heel mooi land, met een historisch Edinburgh.Zag je daar ook het beroemde hondje Bobby friar….
    Gezien jouw entoesiasme voor Ierland moeten we misschien ook eens naar die streken.
    Hou nog even vol(haha) en tot in Juni.



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